Pastor’s Corner

Have you ever been on a long slope in these beautiful mountains of ours and come up behind a group of cyclists slowly grinding their way up the hill?  Of course, at this point, you are in a “no passing” zone!  Most drivers would be very frustrated, and couldn’t wait to pass these bikers who were clearly in the way.  However, as you crest the hill, these young people take off like the wind and no one is going to pass them.  Within a few minutes you catch back up to them struggling up the next hill, again in a “no passing” zone.

If ever there was a metaphor for the church, that’s it!  We get in the way when the going gets tough, with our excuses, with our agendas, and with idleness in our Christian lives.  As Paul has said, it takes all of us pitching in and pulling together.  There is no holding pattern when it comes to serving  Christ!